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Welcome in the world of

The Folk Group "La Basulata" has born among the C.I.A.C. (Centro di Iniziative Artistiche e Culturali - Artistic and Cultural Initiative Center) of Baia e Latina (CE).

The C.I.A.C., on his own, it's a free Association founded from some local connoisseurs, with the main aim to study, recover, preserve and divulgate as much possible the folk, culture, art, music, dances and local traditions of Baia e Latina, of the entire Volturno Valley and, generally, of the whole Land comprised between the Monte Maggiore and the Matese Mountains.

By exploring the pages of this website, you'll have the chance to discover and appreciate the ultradecennal history of the Group, its evolution genesis, technical data, informations, curiousities, pictures, audio and video downloads, and, last but not least, the addresses to contact if you do wanna write us, ask informations and more.

Just start visiting our website, and enjoy it!!..

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It is absolutely forbidden any kind of reproduction without permission.
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