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In this page, we've collected a wide selection of the most important news, press agencies and TV reports related to the Group career.
Just make your choose and... enjoy the reading/viewing!!


ATTENTION: if you wanna watch in streaming the video file presented in this section, it is necessary a high speed Internet connection. Also, once pushed the "Play" key on the player, you may need to wait some minutes for the buffering of the video.
In case of low speed connection, we advice you to first download the files you need on your computer, prior to visualize it.

 "IL FOLKLORE D'ITALIA" nr.2 - March-April 2011

IL FOLKLORE D'ITALIAAn enthusiastic response has been achieved by LA BASULATA mini-tour that the Group made in the past january 2011 in United Kingdom, featuring the amazing concert performed at "Victoria Hall" in Keighley (West Yorkshire) in front of hundreds of italian residents. The magazine "Il Folklore d'Italia", namely the official bulletin of F.I.T.P. (Italian Federation of Folkloristic Traditions), has dedicated a wide attention to this event, by publishing a very interesting and detailed report, available at the page 28 (for the english translation of the report, please click HERE).

 "CLARUS" nr.2 - February 2011

CLARUS ON LINEOn "CLARUS" number 2 published in february 2011 (the official magazine of the Diocese of Alife-Caiazzo), it has been published a wonderful report, featuring the fantastic performance of LA BASULATA Folk Group for the joy of a large delighted crowd, in the city of Keighley (West Yorkshire), related to the mini-tour the group made in United Kingdom in january 2011.

 "TRILLI NELL'AZZURRO" July/August 2008

The social commitment of LA BASULATA for deaf-blind childrens and multi-handicapped persons assisted by the "Lega del Filo d'Oro" Institutes, is testified by this short article published on the Association official zine "TRILLI NELL'AZZURRO" (see page 8).

 "CLARUS" nr.11 - June 2008

On the number 11 of june 2008 of "CLARUS" (the official magazine of the Diocese of Alife-Caiazzo), it has been published a short report,CLARUS ON LINE signed by Mr. Arturo Veccia, that featured aims, results and the even the names of the various experts that joined us to the meeting about "Folk culture and historical knowing", related to the ceremony for the presentation to the media of the first CD of LA BASULATA, titled "Che bella massaria".

 Footage "CHE BELLA MASSARIA - Behind the scenes" - october 2006/april 2007
(VIDEO TIMING: 19 min. 36 sec. - File download size in HI-RES: 47,4 Mb)

In the months comprised between october 2006 and april 2007, the Folk Group LA BASULATA has been working in studio for the recording session related to the making of its first compact disc, titled "Che bella massaria". All the work made in studio has been witnessed thanks to a couple of hours of useful video footage, that, once edited, have leaded to this very interesting documentary, that testifies the huge amount of patient work made up together for over 6 months. This amazing video also features some nice happy, funny and joyful moments that, lucky, have been videotaped and that... it's now possible to enjoy...!!!

Click here if you want to download and save this file in high resolution on your computer  
 from the RAI-SAT Gambero Rosso Channel TV show "100% RURALE" - september 15, 2007
(VIDEO TIMING: 4 min. 52 sec. - File download size in HI-RES: 16,8 Mb.)

Among a European project of cooperation called "Leader Plus", in collaboration with the Italian Ministry for Agriculture, the Campania Region and the GAL of the High Casertan area, in the 2007 it has been produced the program "100% Rural" directed by Maria Teresa De Vito, transmitted by RAI SAT - "Gambero Rosso Channel". LA BASULATA has been choosen has the Folk Group  that better represented the folk tradition of the area zona and received a wide airplay in this sense. Enclosed in the documentary, were also the final interviews with the President of the Group, Mr. Enzo Cunti, with the Vice-President, Mrs. Mena Fazzone, and the P.R./Responsible for Logistics and Multimedia, Mr. Enzo Maiello.

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 from the SKY-TV program "I CHICCHI DI SAN MACARIO" - october 8, 2006
(VIDEO TIMING: 1 min. 36 sec. - File download size in HI-RES: 8,06 Mb.)

In october 2006, LA BASULATA has been invited to join the 2006 edition of the traditional "Sagra dell'Uva e Rassegna Nazionale del Folklore" in Oliveto Citra (SA).
A journalist from Telecolore TV (SKY platform), during the town's street parade of the various groups, made an interview to the Artistic Director of LA BASULATA, Mr. Pasquale Maiello.

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 "IL MATTINO" - January 27, 2006

A short reportage taken' from the daily newspaper "IL MATTINO", regarding the new related to the interesting "Festa del Gusto e delle Tradizioni dell'Alto Casertano" made in Vairano Scalo in january 2006 and the related LA BASULATA Folk Group award winning for its great artistic results.

 "THE LEISURE TIMES" - June 2005

During the canadian mini-tour in 2005 LA BASULATA performed a very touching show for the old residents of the LEISUREWORLD Caregiving Centre of Vaughan.
The event has been also reported in the centres official magazine (refer to page 2).

 "PAESE" - May 30, 2005

"PAESE", was an old magazine that talked about High Casertan area coverage and politics. In May 2005 it was published this wonderful article (written by the Folk Group President, Prof. Enzo Cunti) where it was told about the highlights related to the successful Canadian Tour of LA BASULATA.

 "LO SPECCHIO" n.15 - april 29, 2005

"LO SPECCHIO" is a canadian magazine in italian language, edited in the municipality of Vaughan, Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga and Richmond Hill that deals with italian coverage, politics and culture. The director of the magazine, Mrs. Giovanna Tozzi, sent one of her reporters to join the concert that LA BASULATA performed during the "Campania Day 2005".

 from the Toronto OMNI CHANNEL 4 "OMNINEWS" - april 21, 2005
(VIDEO TIMING: 5 min. 21 sec. - File download size in HI-RES: 28,8 Mb.)

A wide media and press interest has been reached by the group during its Canadian mini-tour in april 2005. Taking the chance of a very special show performed for the very numerous italian guests of "VILLA COLOMBO" in Toronto, a troupe from OMNINEWS on Channel 4 television, leaded by the journalist Laura D'Aprile, recorded a wide report dedicated to the event. More in detail, during the reportage there were also recorded some special interviews to the vice-president of the Ontario Federation of Clubs and Association of Campania Region, Mr. Tony Zingaro, to the Mayor of Baia e Latina, Mr. Gabriele Di Cerbo, and the P.R. of the Group, Mr. Enzo Maiello.

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 from the RAI TV show "LINEA VERDE" - october 13, 2004
(VIDEO TIMING: 2 min. 07 sec. - File download size in HI-RES: 11,3 Mb.)

In the amazing view of the wonderful castle of Rocca D'Evandro, LA BASULATA Folk Group in the month of october 2004 performed live during the recording sessions of the show "LINEA VERDE", transmitted on RAI channel ONE and presented by the anchor-man Paolo Brosio and the chef Gianfranco Vissani.
The Group had the pleasure to end the show in a twisting mix of typical songs and dances of the High Casertan area.

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 "LA REPUBBLICA" - August 27, 2004

The "NEGRO FESTIVAL" is an amazing multiethnic festival performed yearly in Pertosa Grotte (SALERNO). In august 2004 LA BASULATA was invited to perform on this great stage, side by side with over 150 other singers, dancers and musicians coming from all over the Campania Region. In this page is disposable the online version of the report published by the daily newspaper "LA REPUBBLICA".

 "LE PEUPLE VALDOTAINE" - July 07, 2004

In July 2004 LA BASULATA had the great privilege to perform among the 2nd Edition of the "Dansen Ensemblo - International Folk Festival of the Valle d'Aosta". The official invitation came from another local group ("Les Badochys" from Courmayeur) and this leaded LA BASULATA not only to perform in front of an amazed crowd, but also in one of the most beautiful places of Italy (Aosta, Courmayeur, Gignod) during an unforgettable trip. The final show performed by the Group at the Roman Theatre of Aosta (partially recorded in a wonderful video), reached a huge success among the people... Here is a report (written' in French language) published on the magazine "Le peuple valdotain" regarding the event (cfr. page 7).

 "DISEGNO COMUNE" - april 2004

Campi Bisenzio (FIRENZE) is a small, wonderful town in Tuscany: on May the 1st, LA BASULATA was invited to take part to the XIth Edition of the "Maggiolata Campigiana", a great folk festival perfectly managed and performed in the ancient side of the town. Here is a special edition of the town magazine "DISEGNO COMUNE" where, on the first page, was published the full program of the event...

 from the film TV "UN NATALE DIVERSO" filmed between 2003 and 2004 (in various locations)
(VIDEO TIMING: 4 min. 08 sec. - File download size in HI-RES: 22,2 Mb.)

Only a few people knows that LA BASULATA has had the pleasure to be part of the cast that was involved in the making of a wonderful TV movie (here you'll find just a short video outtake)!! The film, shooted between Naples and Baia e Latina, was directed by Francesco De Gregorio and was titled "Un Natale diverso" ("A different Christmas"). In short, the film tells the story of the personal inner change of a cinic manager that, for an unknown kind of miracle, suddenly find himself lost in the past, in a strange Betlehem with no spce nor time, in the style of a classic neapolitan crèche, a few hours before the Baby Jesus born...

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