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The complete repertory of the Folk Group "LA BASULATA" is actually made up of over 100 songs (!!) but, due to the nature and the aims of the Exciting music and happiness..Association, it is in continuous evolution and further enlargement. Obviously, we can't play in concert all the songs in our repertory but we make a prior selection (..usually different for each concert..) that let us make a show extremely supple, with a variable duration between 1 and/or 3 hours, including music, songs, dances, "macchiette", "tammurriate", "tarantelle" and so on.

First of all, we have to say that Baia e Latina, since ever, has kept alive a secular tradition: the inner spontaneity of groups of people that was used to bring around in town folk songs and dances, almost always self-made. This means that most of the songs we play, are a TYPICALThe Mount Matese full of snow.. culture expression of our town (for example: "Complimenti buona gente", Levete a 'lloco c'aggia pass", "'Mbriachete tu", "Statte 'bbona", "Tengu na 'nnammurata", etc.) but, more, the musicians of the Folk Group "LA BASULATA" also gave their contribution in increasing the amount of our town's typical songs, by writing brand new original ones themselves (for example: "Iesci fore 'a sta casa", "Tarantella del Baglio", "Dimane iuorn'e festa", "Cip-cip-cip (La polka dell'uccelino)", etc.).

Anyway the program also encloses a rightful homage to our Region (Campania), to Naples and its typical mask "Pulcinella" (for example: "Tammurriata Nera", "Guaglione", "'A citt 'e Pulecenella", "Tarantella Luciana", "Carm Carm", etc.) but also a special section Music, folklore and dedicated to our towns neighbouring Regions: Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise (for example: "Paesanella", "La Molisana", "C c, che b", etc.).

In short, also if by its genuine simplicity, the show offered from the Folk Group "LA BASULATA" is absolutely rich and diversified enough to meet both the expectations of all the passionated esteemers of the genre but also of the occasional listeners that, we're sure of it, wouldn't have the chance to get... bored at all!!


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